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Your Attention Please, Mr. Beardyman, Sir!

My name is Rob Jellinghaus.  I'm a Microsoft programmer, living in Seattle, who's been epically inspired by your work over the last few years.

I've put together a... thing.  You know how it is trying to explain this kind of business, so first, please watch this video.  (If you haven't already.)  And please look past my crap beatboxing to the underlying concept here, if you can.  The idea is to make a live looper that lets you see and touch the loops as you make them.

Now:  I am indeed coming to your Vancouver show next Tuesday, and I do indeed have a room three blocks from the Future Sound club.  I'll be arriving 9/13, the day of the show, around noon, and I'm staying the night. 

If there's any chance you have even fifteen minutes or so, on Tuesday or early Wednesday (I have to head back before noon on Wednesday), I would love to demo Holofunk for you; it's a PC app and I'll be bringing everything needed and setting it up in my hotel room.

This is an open source project (check the Home link above), so I'm hoping to collaborate with anyone and everyone, but especially you.  And Reggie Watts, I want to hit him up too, but you are the King of Sound and Ruler of Beats, and I genuinely want to make this as interesting as possible for you to play with.  There is lots, lots, LOTS more that can be done with this thing, and your personal thoughts and priorities are extremely important to me.

You've said often that technology is fundamental to what you do.  I'm hoping that this is a whole new technological direction for this kind of music, and that we can make some truly brain-meltingly awesome shit happen up in this.

Please send word by emailing me -- click here.  And if you want more background on what the hell I'm up to with this, please read this.


Rob Jellinghaus

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