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To run Holofunk, you need this hardware:

  1. A fairly beefy Windows PC, with at least a dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, and two USB hubs (e.g. USB ports in both front and back, say).
  2. A Kinect.
  3. A Wiimote (the remote only, not the "nunchuk" add-on).
  4. A Bluetooth USB receiver, such as this one (the one I'm using).
  5. A fast audio adapter, such as this one (the one I'm using).
  6. A microphone, which can go into your audio adapter.
  7. Headphones or speakers or something, which can come out of your audio adapter.

You also need this software (go right ahead and install it):

  1. Windows 7. I have no intention of trying or supporting Holofunk on any other version. (Until Windows 8, that is ;-)
  2. The XNA 4.0 SDK for Windows/Xbox game development.
  3. Visual Studio 2010, and not the Express version, either. The Express version evidently won't open XNA projects. If this is blocking you from working on Holofunk, please let me know.
  4. The non-commercial beta Kinect Windows SDK.
  5. The ASIO4ALL sound driver.

The other libraries you will need are redistributed as part of the source archive.

Setting up ASIO4ALL, configuring your audio interface so it's picking up the microphone at a reasonable level, making sure the Kinect SDK is working, and configuring your Bluetooth adapter are all topics unto themselves, but the web is very helpful.

Once you have all that set up, you can try downloading the project. It should compile more or less out of the box once the above is all installed; let me know if not.

Actually running Holofunk

First you must copy (by hand, sorry!) the libraries from Holofunky/Lib to your Holofunky/Holofunky/Holofunky/bin/x86/{Debug,Release} directories, or you'll get complaints about "bass.dll not found" or "WiimoteLib.dll not found".

There is some rigmarole involved with getting the Wiimote to connect reliably. I have found that I have to do the following:

  1. Open "Devices and Printers" from start menu.
  2. If you installed the Wiimote before (it shows up as "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01"), first Remove it.
  3. Click "Add a Device".
  4. Hold down the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wiimote. It should start flashing. DO NOT release these buttons. (Hold it in your non-mouse hand ;-)
  5. You should see the Wiimote appear (as "RVL-CNT-01"). Click it and choose Next.
  6. Choose "Pair without a code" (the bottom-most option).
  7. Choose Done as soon as possible.
  8. See the "Installing driver" popup in the lower-right of the screen. Wait for it to say "Driver installation complete". Sometime in here, the Wiimote probably stopped blinking.
  9. Hold down the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wiimote (yes, again).
  10. Run Holofunk (debug build!).
  11. If you get an assertion failure or null pointer exception in Wiimote setup code, quit, release the 1 and 2 buttons, press them again, and repeat step 11.
  12. If Holofunk comes up with a lovely rainbow-y window, the Wiimote should have stopped blinking and be showing a steady single LED. You are now good to go.

At least this only has to be done once per boot -- once the Wiimote is showing a single steady LED, you can quit and restart Holofunk to your heart's content and it will pick up the Wiimote right away each time.

Now, Freak Out!!!

  • Stand in front of your Kinect, with mike in one hand and Wiimote in the other. (The default is right-handed, mike in left Wiimote in right, but this can be changed in Holofunk.cs.) You should see a ghostly outline of yourself, with a microphone icon in one hand and a circle in the other.
  • Sing or say something into the mike. You should see a red circle throbbing behind the mike, in time with the volume of your voice.
  • Sing or say something while squeezing the Wiimote trigger. Note the red circle throbbing inside the circle over your Wii hand.
  • Let go of the trigger. Whoa! Your sound now has a life of its own and will keep looping.
  • Do it all again. Make a whole bunch of sounds. They will all line up to the tempo of the rainbow background's pulsing.
  • Hold the "-" (minus) button on the Wiimote. Your circle goes grey. Wave it over the sounds and see them all turn grey -- and silent. Hold the "+" (plus) button -- your circle goes blue and revives all the sounds.
  • Pushing the minus button over an already-muted sound deletes that one sound altogether.
  • When you've created some insane chaos that you can't stand, pressing down on the Home button will wipe the slate clean.
  • The more you record, the more space is taken up. But space is only taken up when actually recording (when the trigger is depressed), and you can do a lot of damage with the amount of space available.

Aaaaand... that's basically it! Holofunk as it stands in late 2011.

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